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Lectern made of birch plywood


Lectern made of birch plywood.

This is ideal for activities that require using or displaying a book (homework, drawing, music, etc.), highlighting a photograph and displaying it. In short, it is multifunctional and very practical!

It is supplied in 2 pieces to be assembled before use, which can later be easily disassembled for storage.

Available in 3 sizes: S, M and L.

Once assembled:

Lectern S measures 16 x 11 x 14 cm.

Lectern M measures 22 x 15 x 19 cm.

Lectern L measures 27 x 19 x 24 cm.

The plywood is made of 6 mm Finnish birch, certified that it was sustainably grown.

We recommend it for children from the age of 5 years and up.

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