Build on your imagination!

At Trígonos, we devote ourselves to devising, producing and marketing toys made of wood and other materials with pedagogical values at the service of the personal evolution of every child.

Little by little, during the last few years, we have added and keep adding our own designs and those from other toy designers with whom we share the same open-ended, mindful and responsible play philosophy.

Trígonos is the cornerstone of our project and was born when our daughter wants to know what I played with as a child. It is then that I realise that what kept me entertained for hours and hours, what fascinated me for years, what I shared with my siblings and friends was something very similar to what we know today as Trígonos. 

At present, we offer an evolved version of this game, improving its geometry and the colours of fabrics. Trígonos is versatile, interactive and evolutionary, and also awakens the insatiable curiosity of children.

What child resists building a cabin, a labyrinth or a super hideout? With the construction games offered by Trígonos, children have a wonderful time setting up and dismantling houses, castles or caves and, almost without realizing it, they learn subjects such as mathematics or physics.

Trígonos is enjoyed both by children and grown-ups alike. That's why it is used for so many years, from age 4 to 12... and beyond. Trígonos is a life-long game!

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