The Sticks

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18 Sticks with small eyes and an endless head...

Sticks are very magical characters: are they goblins? Trees? Family members? Rockets? They look at you with very small eyes and invite you to play endlessly. They may look naughty but they also like to keep your company or peacefully sleep next to you.

They represent individuals and groups at the same time: they come in 6 different colours and out of each colour there are 3 different shades, because there is diversity among us.

And they are deeply rooted in nature - their name says it all!

Bearing in mind pretend and openended play, Sticks are perfect to be used with construction toys such as the MINI Trígonos! and complement the full range of the Nins family.

Wooden pieces: 18 Sticks in 6 colour gradients each in 3 shades. 

Packaging: cardboard box measuring 23.5 x 15 x 3 cm.

Recommended age:  +18 months old.

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