3 Fires mandala

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36 flame drops in 3 warm tones

These warm-coloured flame drops are great elements for non-structured and open-ended play as the combinations and possibilities of creation are endless.

In addition to being able to create mandalas, they can also be used as mathematical calculation or geometric design elements and, for the younger ones, interacting with their shape is something to be explored.

Bearing in mind pretend and open-ended play, the 3 Fires mandala is also ideal to become part of the small worlds built with all sorts of natural o manufactured elements like the rest of Grapat toys.

Wooden pieces: 36 solid wood flame drops in 3 shades of vegetable dye.

Packaging: bag measuring 13 x 8 x 5 cm.

Recommended age:  +3 years old.

For further information, please send us a message to: trigonos@trigonos.cat

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