Bloom your message – greeting cards

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4 greeting cards and pencil

Take the pencil and write your wished message on a greeting card! They can be a gift to people you love or to yourself.

Symbolically, as if you sent a message to the Earth,  you “plant” the greeting card and water it everyday. Some weeks later, flowers will bloom as if the Earth had bloomed the message you wrote.

When the pencil becomes short, you can also plant it upside-down and, if you water it patiently, some weeks afterwards a flower or plant will grow. Want to see an example? Click here!

Pencils carry one out of four seeds: which one will be yours?

Pieces: 4 greeting cards (with envelope) and 1 pencil.

These greeting cards are made of seed paper: sustainable cotton paper or recycled paper with seeds inside. When these seeds germinate, some wild flowers will grow. Once the message is written, you must soak the greeting card in water, put it flat on the ground and cover it with 1 cm. of earth. Upon watering it on a daily basis, some weeks afterwards the plant will grow.

Recommended age: + 3 years old.

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