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Les 12 cubes d'ELOU

Children explore the world through experimentation and love to shape it at their will. Hence, this colourful twelve-piece docking game encourages them to give wings to their imagination and use it to build their own productions, exploring their creativity. Besides, by repeatedly trying to fit the pieces together, children will increase their motor skills.

This cork toy can be used with water games or in the bathtub. Cork is ideal to experiment and play. It is light, quiet and safe.

Made out of cork from protected cork oaks which is harvested only at allowed periods and painted with certified ecological dyes.

You will find further information on cork harvesting and production in this short manual

Cork parts: 12 cork blocks in 3 sizes and 3 colours.

Présentation: cardboard box measuring 35 x 28 x 35 cm.

Recommended age: + 18 months.

ELOU Cork designs and produces cork toys. Cork is a natural material with unique ecological and sustainable features. Some of its inherent characteristics make it special such as its lightness, elasticity, waterproof, insulation, inertia, grip and durability.

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