NANOEMO Wooden pieces with magnets to express emotions

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20 wooden pieces with magnets representing half a face to build different expressions.

By combining the 10 eye tokens and the 10 mouth tokens children will be able to show a really huge number of different emotions. Will they be able to find the one that best defines how they feel today? What is their mood now? Was it the same all day long? How would they like to feel

This is a lovely means to attach to the fridge at hand’s reach or to play with it on a table, allowing children to connect with themselves and listen to each other for at least a while (something that we do not usually do in our day to day!) . A very simple way to draw out insights and talk about emotions and our concerns, dreams or fears.

Likewise, these wooden pieces can be used to invent stories or create characters around which to build an imaginary life, in which kids can laugh, cry, get angry ... What happens to this person who is so happy? Why is this other one scared? What could possibly have happened to this person? Do you remember a time when you felt like that?  

In short, this is a material to work on language and emotional education from approximately 2 years old, in a developing and respectful way with the maturation processes of each stage.

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