MY FIRST BUBBLE KIT My first kit to make giant bubbles

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This kit contains everything you need to make more than 1,000 giant bubbles.

This kit contains everything you need to make more than 1,000 giant bubbles.

This starter kit is fully compatible with the various proposals for making soap bubbles that we have in the shop. It includes:

- 1 bottle of 100 ml concentrate mix, which makes 1 litre (approximately 1,000 bubbles)

- 1 giant rope on 25cm wands.

- Sheet of Dr Zigs bubbles tips, tricks and instructions to make the most out of it.

The wands that hold the rope to make giant bubbles are made from sustainably sourced wood with an eco-friendly, non-toxic paint finish. The rope is made of 100% untreated, unbleached cotton. The mix is vegan, non-toxic and is totally biodegradable, phosphate free and free of palm oil in its composition. In addition, it contains antibacteria so that you will be washing your hands while you play. It is therefore a material that is better for the environment and for children. Additionally, Dr Zigs, as a company, is engaged in solidarity campaigns and part of their income is used to purchase fans for the Intensive Care Unit in the area where the factory is located.

This is a very easy-to-use play material and the wands are sized for little hands (25 cm) so that they can be used by kids aged 3 and onwards. In addition, they are easily disassembled and take up very little space for quick storage once used and easy transport in case you want to take them on a trip, to the park, to the beach... 

The activity of creating giant bubbles invites you to move your whole body, thus developing gross motor skills. Body movement is usually associated with these large bubbles since you'll want to grab them or run after them. It has also been proved that it is a therapeutic activity too and that it will help you reduce anxiety, as stated by Joanna Grace in her book The Sensory Projects.

The bubble formula in the kit is a really successful one, providing especially long and durable bubbles, with very striking iridescent colors that are a sight to behold. It is difficult to overcome the temptation to play. Will you be able to hold out?

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