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Trigonos Family is a wooden construction game for kids of 79 pieces which include sticks, blocks and fabrics. 


Trigonos Family is a wooden construction game for kids of 79 pieces which include sticks, blocks and fabrics. 

With almost twice as many parts as Kernel, Trigonos Family offers far more possibilities for creative building. By assembling blocks and sticks in a simple way and combining them with the 17 pieces of fabric, they will be able to assemble from a wooden house to any structure designed in an open-ended play environment. Using their imagination as a starting point and experimenting in pretend play, the resulting structures may be a market, a hospital, a bus… Or they can simply unleash the pleasure of building large structures to play with.

The size of this Trigonos Family construction set and its number of pieces allows 5 to 6 children to play at the same time, which is interesting not only for shared play at home but also for schools and classrooms.

There are currently 5 Family set options you can choose from:

  • Family Kreema, with calico organic cotton fabrics
  • Family Arbaro, with tea and olive-green organic cotton fabrics
  • Family Hejmo, with light turquoise and grey organic cotton fabrics
  • Family Blua, with different blue cotton-polyester fabrics
  • Family Frukto, with oranges, yellows and pistachio cotton-polyester fabrics

In any Trigonos Family set you will find the following wooden pieces and fabrics:

- 10 cubic blocks measuring 6 x 6 x 6 cm
- 10  pentagonal blocks measuring 6 x 6 x 7.5 cm
- 12 sticks, 80 cm long
- 10 sticks, 56 cm long
- 10 sticks, 39 cm long
- 10 sticks, 27 cm long
- 4 pieces of fabric measuring 84 x 69 cm
- 2 pieces of fabric measuring 59 x 49.5 cm
- 1 piece of fabric measuring 60 x 75 cm
- 1 piece of fabric measuring 83 x 49 cm
- 1 piece of fabric measuring 43 x 75 cm
- 1 piece of fabric measuring 83 x 33 cm
- 1 piece of fabric measuring 43 x 49 cm
- 1 piece of fabric measuring 59 x 33 cm
- 5 pieces of fabric measuring 59 x 9 cm
- 1 storage cardboard box measuring 82 x 20 x 10 cm

In addition, if you want to increase its play and construction possibilities, you can combine this set with the rest in this Trigonos range: Start, Kernel and Maxi, as well as with the sticks and blocks that we have in the shop. 

Thanks to its simple system to assemble sticks, blocks and fabrics, we recommend Trigonos Family from 4 years old. Depending on their age, it is possible that at first building large constructions may appear as a difficult challenge and that is why we would then advise to start with the shortest sticks. Little by little, though, they will gain confidence to build on their own or in cooperation with other kids. Trigonos Family will accompany them in different play development stages.

Likewise, since this material was conceived to take them through various learning development stages as they grow up, they will also use it as a geometric and mathematical manipulative material (around 7-10 years old), thus exploring volumes and geometric shapes.

Although once assembled it takes up considerable room, after disassembling it is easy to arrange the pieces in a much smaller space. The cardboard box that comes as packaging can be used as a storage container, although there is also a wooden box available in the store that you may be interested in. This one is undoubtedly more durable and resistant for long-term use.

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Excellent !
Nous sommes une famille nombreuse de 8 enfants et tout ce petit monde aime beaucoup la construction de cabanes et autre. Nous avons des marchands de glaces, des petites écoles, des endroits pour faire la sieste, ... selon les envies et l’imagination des uns et des autres. Ces kits sont formidables !

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