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Wooden tree shape with a removable base support to keep it upright if desired.

Wooden tree shape with a removable base support to keep it upright if desired.

A truly minimalistic wooden decoration tree on the whole but generously detailed on its top, with high-quality finished cuttings. Therefore, it conveys the idea of foliage or of deciduous autumn / winter trees, depending on how you look at it.

This is a lovely material to do some craft work with kids. You can paint, as it is made of untreated natural wood and you can use tempera or similar types of paint. Or simply decorate it to your liking. By hanging any type of ornament it can become a gorgeous decorative tree (leaves, wool, pompoms, fabrics, coloured paper ...) or an original Christmas tree giving a different touch to the house / classroom in that season.

This wooden tree can also be a beautiful resource for 4-season decoration (very common in Waldorf education). It really goes well with any loose natural piece such as wild fruits, leaves, branches, stones… or any other unstructured material (scarves, candles, drawings…) and so help reproducing the seasons as well as celebrating the passing of time in a very symbolic way.

We also find it very amusing that children can use it as a template, outlining its shape with a pencil on a sheet of paper or cardboard in order to make wall paintings, window decorations, a template for a theatre play set, or for shadow playing... whatever comes to their mind!

It is also a decorative object, beautiful in itself, to decorate children's bedrooms or a special corner of the house.

Recommended as from 4 years old

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