Giant play clips

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Set of 4 birch wood clips with elastic band.

Set of 4 birch wood clips with elastic band.

Their size makes them ideal for building kids’ own cabins by attaching sheets and blankets to the back or armrests of chairs, doors, tables, etc. They are also great, of course, to combine with our Trigonos construction sets to create wonderful pretend play structures

Since they can open a lot, they don’t jump as clips on the clothes line do, so they are also great for children to play outdoors attaching fabrics or other materials to tree branches, swing bars… They adapt to thicknesses up to 5.5 cm in diameter with no problem.

If you need the pegs to hold more tightly, you can easily add another rubber band to increase tension and pressure. And if they no longer open and close smoothly, you can learn to repair them by rubbing the base of a candle at the inside contact point between the two pieces and they will work like new again.

It is also a great material for unstructured open-ended play, as the only thing that holds the two parts of the clip together is a rubber band that can be easily removed. Thus, they can also become fun to ride horses for little dolls, sea waves, benches, octopuses ... Kids’ imagination will surely take them further.

Recommended from 3 years old.

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