TRIGONOS MAXI Wooden construction game for kids

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Trigonos Maxi is a wooden construction game for kids with a total of 150 pieces which combine rods, blocks and fabrics. 


Trigonos Maxi is a wooden construction game for kids with a total of 150 pieces which combine rods, blocks and fabrics. 

Out of all Trigonos sets, this is undoubtedly the one offering the largest quantity of construction possibilities since it comes with many more pieces than the rest. This allows kids to assemble larger structures and unleash their imagination through unstructured play and pretend play

Its simple assembling system provides a lot of autonomy once the child has acquired a little practice and the basic tips that come in the leaflet have been assimilated. Setting up the fabrics will be quite a fun challenge! Although kids may need a bit of accompaniment at first, it is a perfectly suitable game for kids from 4 years old.

This particular set enables a lot of cooperative play since its dimensions allow 10-12 children to interact in the game at the same time, thus being an interesting resource for home or school class groups. Together children will be able to make a pirate ship and then sail the seas, a space rocket to explore the universe, a house or a true medieval castle where they can fight tough battles. Or will they divide the number of pieces so that each kid makes a single construction? Everything is possible with the Maxi set! 

There are five different options of Trigonos Maxi to choose from. You just need to choose the fabric color range, since they all hold the exact same number of pieces:

  • Maxi Kreema, with calico organic cotton fabrics
  • Maxi Arbaro, with tea and olive-green organic cotton fabrics
  • Maxi Hejmo, with light turquoise and grey organic cotton fabrics 
  • Maxi Blua, with various blue cotton-polyester fabrics
  • Maxi Frukto, with oranges, yellows and pistachio cotton-polyester fabrics

In all of them, you will find the following number and type of loose pieces of wood and fabric:

  • 20 cubic blocks measuring 6 x 6 x 6 cm 
  • 20 pentagonal blocks measuring 6 x 6 x 7.5 cm 
  • 20 rods 80 cm long
  • 20 rods 56 cm long
  • 20 rods 39 cm long
  • 20 rods 27 cm long
  • 4 pieces of fabric measuring 84 x 69 cm
  • 4 pieces of fabric measuring 59 x 49.5 cm
  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 60 x 75 cm
  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 83 x 49 cm
  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 43 x 75 cm
  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 83 x 33 cm
  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 43 x 49 cm
  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 59 x 33 cm
  • 10 pieces of fabric measuring 59 x 9 cm
  • 1 storage cardboard box measuring 82 x 20 x 20 cm

All large Trigonos sets are compatible with each other, which means that if you want to increase their construction possibilities (especially in schools) all pieces can be combined with those in Trigonos Start, Kernel and Family sets, as well as with the rods and blocks that are separately available. 

This makes Trigonos a valid game for several age periods and learning stages. And more pieces can be incorporated as children grow and show more interest, they get new skills and their imagination broadens. It is also fantastic as a manipulative material (around 7-10 years old) to explore volumes and geometric shapes. Or using the rods as actual counters.

Like all other Trigonos wood and fabric construction sets, the Maxi set is packed in its own box taking up very little space. In addition, in the case of schools or homes where this becomes a bedside game, you may be interested in our wooden box available at the shop. 

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