CUBIC METRE Wooden construction game for kids

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A construction game for kids with the necessary parts (rods and assembly blocks) to build a cubic metre.

A construction game for kids with the necessary parts (rods and assembly blocks) to build a cubic metre.

The interesting thing about this game is not the building challenge (although this is also fun), because that is what the rest of the Trigonos construction game proposals are for. The real value of this material lies in the simplicity of its design, which leaves large room for imagining and exploring. What do you think kids would do with this cubic metre once it has been assembled?

No doubt this is a very powerful invitation to pretend play. With a couple of pieces of fabric and a few pegs, children can quickly build a house, a cave, a spaceship, a shelter, a submarine... But if we broaden the horizon, don't you think it would be a wonderful stage for puppet  theatre? Or for shadow playing!

Perhaps, by joining several structures some itineraries can be made with elastic bands so that kids can go through them, thus encouraging gross motor skills and body movement. Or if we cover it with paper, they can have a good time painting. Shall we hang some ribbons with bells so that babies can crawl in and out, also exploring sound in this stage of sensory explosion?… As you can see, possibilities are countless. 

For the older ones, this is a manipulative mathematical resource to understand volumes and learn in an experiential way how much room does a cubic meter take, something rather difficult to assimilate if you just think about it in an abstract way. 

Its assembly / disassembly is very simple and once the activity is finished, it can be stored in the already supplied cotton bag, thus making its storage and transportation easier. Cubic metres can be stacked one on top of the other so you can make multi-story structures. In addition, this cubic metre is fully compatible with Trigonos Start, Kernel, Family and Maxi sets.

The cubic metre contains the following loose wooden pieces:

  • 12 rods 96 cm long which, once assembled, reach 100 cm
  • 8 cubes of 6 x 6 x 6 cm
  • an organic cotton bag
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