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In the family of Nanodontes there are 4 characters:

He eats a lot and is very lazy, but when he is encouraged, there is no one to stop NanoGroso. While you treat him well and mimes him, he will behave very well with you, but if you neglect him a little, you will run the risk of getting a big hug from NanoGroso, always less dangerous than that of a big mastodon.

The NanoOlaf ears for him are as big as those of a mastodon and allow him to hear beyond the walls. Of course, you can hear, but not talk, so you must know how to interpret their gestures to know what things you have heard out there.

NanoHipu only does two things in life: sleep and play. That is his philosophy! With him you will have a good time because he loves to have fun living adventures created by your imagination. Of course, after playing, it's siesta.

This is the most daring Nanodonte of our whole family and it is because it has a portentous horn in its frontal part that, when you see it, scares a little. But do not worry, that horn is pure facade, because NanoRiin is very docile!

Have you already decided which one you like the most? Or ... do you like them all?

For each request, tell us which is the Nanodonte you want to stay. The price is 1 Nanodonte.


The pieces that form the nanodonts are very simple, but you must know how to combine them correctly in order to get your little mastodon in front of you.

Click, clack

The nanodonts move, and it is because the pieces of solid wood that form them carry magnets that, together with a small mechanism, allow them to make movements.


They are the best of their kind because their pieces are made of solid wood, they have been polished and sanded carefully and immersed in 100% olive oil and beeswax.

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