HANDWAND Flexible hand wand for large bubbles

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Hand wand with flexible wire to make large bubbles.

Hand wand with flexible wire to make large bubbles. 

Although bubbles will always go back to a spherical shape once they are released into the air, the steel wire of the wand is flexible and allows kids to shape bubbles as they wish, creating unique shapes: hearts, stars, free shapes, circles, squares... Why, however, do bubbles always return to the spherical shape? It will be interesting to investigate what the cause is. Would you be able to tell us about this?

The handle of the bubble hand wand is adapted for small hands and is made from FSC sustainable wood, with a toxic-free paint finish. The steel wire is covered by a layer of 100% natural cotton. However, its special braiding favours the absorption of as much magic bubble mix as possible to then slowly release it, making the most of the material and making it more durable.

The hand wand for large bubbles is without a doubt an ideal set for both outdoors and indoors, which is sure to provide fun time alone or in a group. It is wonderful to see how it can be used by kids with restricted movement and, at the same time, how this will be accompanied by body movement in other kids since it is tempting to follow the course of a large bubble and try to catch it, blow it away or fan it with your hands to change its course, don't you think?

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