5 Wooden sand combs

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Pack of 5 wooden sand combs with different patterns to draw or make constructions in the sand.

Pack of 5 wooden sand combs with different patterns to draw or make constructions in the sand.

These 5 wooden combs are made of birch wood and have an ideal size so that small hands can hold them firmly, even held by both hands if necessary or kids want to use more strength. Their finish makes them resistant to moisture, so they can be used on beach sand or in the park / river / lake sand without a problem, as long as they are dried before being stored.

With a single stroke, you can use these 5 sand combs to outline a road for cars, a marble or bottle cap, a water canal, a protection dyke, a farm field ... But you can also use the combs to draw or write giant words in the sand, geometric shapes, paths to continue walking ... Surely they can also be used to imagine and invent different group games outdoors: baseball, draw a soccer goal, a test path ... 

And of course, they can be used to decorate the construction or sculpture that you make in the sand. Can you imagine what additions you can make to your sand castle in summer? A moat for the guardian dragons, a drawbridge (using the actual comb), a path for the knights, a polder to protect themselves from the waves… Build on your imagination!

Similarly, drawing in the sand and then erasing it, redrawing freely ... is a relaxing activity that many children may like. Quite an invention!

These 5 wooden sand combs are recommended for ages 3 and up.

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